Graduate Fashion Week

  • Deliverable

    YouTube & Social 16:9 & 1:1

  • My Role

    Post Production

  • Client

    Graduate Fashion Week

  • Project Facilitator

    Rich Tea Films

  • Producer

    Jack Churchill / Jared Paysner

  • Director

    Jack Churchill

Facilitated through my work at Rich Tea Films, I have produced the video coverage for Graduate Fashion Week over the past three years. In 2018 and 2019 I oversaw the whole of the production process and crew, whilst ensuring our editors remained on track, finally then editing the overall aftermovie in the weeks following the show.

My role as producer started in pre-production, meeting with the client on numerous occasions to develop our expected deliverables and to finalise the resource that Rich Tea would need to commit to achieving that requirement. Through this period I developed a good understanding of the upcoming show and how it will differ from previous years. This is a key element to communicate through the coverage I help create as it ensures all the video content remains on-brand and echos Graduate Fashion Week’s social media team.

As the event is fast-paced and unpredictable at times, it is vital to create a shooting and editing schedule for our crews to specifically capture various parts of the show to ensure we have full coverage of the event. With any event like this, schedules will change so it is important to stay adaptive to what is happening and who is available. This mainly focuses around interviews with influencers and celebrities from the fashion world, therefore being able to adapt to their schedule is important to ensure we get our content.

On site post production is likewise a developing role as scheduled outputs may change depending on what footage is available from. I oversaw creation of up to 60 second edits, 4 times per day with 90 minute turnarounds. Being able to produce quality content at speed is important to keep up with live social media feeds. Furthermore, at the end of each day an overview highlights of the day would be cut for immediate publication to social and the daily wrap up email. All of the videos produced need to be colour corrected and have graphics added to them in order to bring the films to life.

After the show, the hundreds of hours of footage needs to be cut together into one final aftermovie – this is my job. By building on the edits completed on site, and keeping a detailed log of each roll, I’m able to pull the best footage from the show to bring together in the aftermovie. Grouping interviews by theme and topic, I can build the audio bed to begin pasting footage over. With the final touches of graphics to add depth to the film, it can then be delivered for Graduate Fashion Week to promote the year and encore future participation from students, universities and sponsors. Achieving this balance is challenging but by producing an engaging and educational film it is achievable.