Milliken Carpet Collections

  • Deliverable

    YouTube & Social 16:9 & 1:1

  • My Role

    Post Production

  • Client


  • Project Facilitator

    Rich Tea Films

  • Producer

    Jack Churchill

  • Director

    Jack Churchill

Ahead of each new carpet collection, Milliken produce a short teaser video that shows the inspiration behind the design and creative, introducing the new themes to their clients. Facilitated by my role at Rich Tea, I have created multiple collection promos for Milliken, adding my own flair and inspiration to each piece to develop them into moving picture.

For each project, I have a briefing with Milliken to understand the background and nature of each new collection, I am then given assets including the product room scene photos, inspiration images and detailed scans of each tile or plank. These then form the base of each of the films, cut together with the music track the designers feel most akin to the collection. From here I develop various visual transitions and effects to bring the film to life and move away from a classic slideshow. In some cases I will composite images together and overlay effects to develop the look and feel of a piece. Each film also comes with a colour palette that includes the range of designs and also plays into the inspiration whilst designing, I use these colours in the films as swatches and splashes of colour, sometimes adding texture to bring them to life. Finally, some films call for specific inspirational words or phrases to be included in text format to develop on the visual language. These work their way into the films at appropriate points, all being signed off by the Milliken house style graphics, labeling each collection we see and to sign off the film with the overall collection name.

Each video needs a new aesthetic and design, whilst representing the milliken brand and collection, remaining on-brand. This variety and ability to express my own visions creatively make these projects a real joy and challenge when creating them.