Science Gallery London BLOOD Season

  • Deliverable

    YouTube & Social 16:9 & 1:1

  • My Role

    Post Production

  • Client

    Science Gallery London

  • Project Facilitator

    Rich Tea Films

  • Producer

    Jack Churchill

  • Director

    Jack Churchill

Captured over the course of a six month season, the Science Gallery BLOOD Season film highlights key events from throughout their programme, deep-diving with key feagues along the process and showing off some of the most engaging work from the season. I worked across the whole season, producing and directing the multiple shoots, finally coming together to cut the film for Rich Tea Films and Science Gallery London.

At the start of the project I had various discussions with Science Gallery London as to the nature and narrative of the film, working together to highlight key events and participants to build the films around, from there we could schedule filming at each of these key points across the season. With hours of footage being created from each shoot, I firstly developed shorter edits from each key event we filmed to create close to 60-second social media edits in both 16-9 and 1-1 format. Science Gallery aims their content towards young people so each edit is key to capture and retain interest, whilst educating and inspiring the viewers to engage with the gallery. Punchy music tracks helped to hook attention, along with engaging visuals and bold graphics.

After completing multiple of these shorter edits, I could begin to approach the full season film. I built upon each individual edit, taking the best seen and unseen footage to sculpt a narrative across various themes. Key title cards were used to help guide the narrative between segments of film, whilst captions are used for those who can’t listen to the audio. Overall I still really enjoy this piece as there is so much variety that went in and comes out of the film