Cocktails with The Captain

  • Deliverable

    YouTube 360

  • My Role

    Production & Post Production

  • Client

    The Cutty Sark Pub

  • Producer

    Jack Churchill

The Cutty Sark pub runs various events, one of which is a cocktail masterclass with the mixologist landlord, hence the name ‘Cocktails with the Captain’. This short cocktail masterclass features the making of a Rhubarb Fizz on the pub’s picturesque top floor, The Crows Nest. The use of 360 allows you to be transported to the pub, enjoying the views of the River Thames, Canary Wharf and The O2, whilst also being able to closely watch the masterclass from The Captain.

This was a solo project where I completed production and post production by myself. To film this I used the Freedom 360 Broadcast rig with GoPro Hero4 Blacks and recording audio through a wireless lapel microphone. Stitching in AutoPano Video Pro (AVP), and onlining in After Effects and Photoshop, I was able to clean any tricky stitch areas and create a mask through the windows to use an exposure plate to add dynamic range to the scene. By using the Freedom 360 Broadcast rig I was able to align the cameras vertically as I knew there would be minimal movement around the camera. This allowed one lens to act as the ‘hero’ camera aligned in a clean portrait to capture the action. The drawback of this rig is, due to the orientation of the cameras, it leaves a hole in the nadir where there is no coverage from any of the lenses. This means that in post production I needed to recreate the floor from photographs that I took at the time of filming.

Overall I think this is a really great work that shows off a simple, yet effective use of 360.