Keep up with the new Toyota GR Supra

  • Deliverable

    1:1 Instagram & YouTube 360

  • My Role

    Edit, Stitch, Cleanup, Grade

  • Client

    Toyota Europe, The&Partnership

  • Project Facilitator


  • Producer

    Will Currie & Pablo Mahave

  • Director

    Jim Stump

Being involved only at the post production stage of the project, I worked to stitch, cleanup and online the film alongside the direction of Jim Stump. As the project was to launch the new Toyota GR supra car, the deliverables came in two phases: first came the 1:1 teaser video, followed by the full launch 360 video. Shot on the Brownian Motion custom GH5s side by side rig, I was able to stitch using Mistika VR to create the scene.

Working for Visualise and under The&Partnership, I completed the whole of the visual element of post production for the two deliverables. The first deliverable was a social media 1:1 blurred film that cut traditional 16:9 footage with our 360 footage, creating a blurred teaser film that allowed the focus to be on the audio, announcing the launch of the car. I used a mixture of After Effects and GoPro’s VR Reframe tool in order to convert the 360 footage into 1:1 standard video for social. Quick cuts allowed this video to be visually interesting, using some additional 16:9 footage of close-ups and wides that were taken during the shoot. This film also utilised a GoPro Fusion mounted to the car. As this film would be released ahead of the car being unveiled, all the footage had to be blurred to only show the vibrant red of the car. With this, sound (post-produced out of house) was a key narrative element that brought the film to life. Take a look at the finished teaser film here:

The second part of the project was the full 360 experience for the launch of the car, with the 360 film allowing the viewer to see and hear the car in an exciting way for the first time. The use of graphics helped engage the viewer by encouraging them to follow the car in the darkness, whilst feeding them headline stats. I developed all the graphics from the initial creative style used in Toyota’s previous 16:9 films and creatively refined by The&Partnership. Developed from the creative, a number of embed graphical element were also used, such as boxes the car drives through and the final parking space outline. I developed these through After Effects, applying blending modes to ensure they sat comfortably in the scene rather than just being overlaid. In both situations, especially the drive through boxes, I used masks and multiple layers around the car to give the illusion the sports car was passing through them.

At two other points in the 360 film, two cars pass each other closely. This is in fact a post production effect as there was only one car on the shoot, so I developed the two cross over points using different takes and car passes in order to add further excitement through near misses. Each instance called for detailed rotoscoping in order to realistically blend the two vehicles passing each other, further correcting for natural motion blur of the cars.

Smaller patches such as removal of the trussing on the zenith and rigging on the nadir also needed applying to fully bring the scene together.

The use of the GH5’s allowed for better dynamic range than a typical GoPro inspired, all in one, 360 camera such as the Kandao Obsidian or Insta 360 Pro. A final grade was applied to bring the red of the car out and drop the blacks into infinity.

Overall this was a really great project as it had comfortable challenges across the whole process. The stitch was important to get right as not to deform the car as it passed by, likewise, the text graphics offered a detailed approach in After Effects, creating a style that I had not done before. Finally, I am really happy with the execution of the embedded graphics, if not a little challenging to get them placed correctly in the 3D space.